Quintessence Essential Roll-on Fragrance

Quintessence Essential Roll-on Fragrance

Quintessence by Cosmic Moonflower is an essential oil, roll-on fragrance for any gender. This fragrance is a mixture of five oils, including Frankenscence and Lavendar, that are known for evoking a sense of tranquility and spiritual protection. Rolling this onto your pulse points ensures a day filled with peace no matter what chaos is swirling around you. Wear this while shopping, in large crowds, and during quiet time of prayer and meditation. 


As it goes on, the top note is primarily that of the fragrances noted above. Once you are wearing it for 30 minutes, the drydown frangrance is warm, gentle, and very soothing. All oils mix with each individuals chemestry to create a balanced, alchemical aroma, uniquely yours. Since this is top quality, natural Essential Oil traditionally used in prayer oils, the healing and spiritual properties are innate and amplified by their blending. 


This is a small batch creation of limited supply. 


During the creation phase of this fragrance, each oil was placed in a sacred blending container and set into the moonlight for a full cycle of the Strawberry Moon. Each bottle holds springtime rainwater that naturally fell in under the moolight, one small Herkimer Diamond and one small Peridot crystal. This is truely a spiritual blend that will set your senses on a soul quest. 


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