Orgonite Hologram Gem

Orgonite Hologram Gem

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Hologram Gems are a small, handheld sized Orgone device used to counteract harmful forms of radiation. These beauties are perfect to place on top of your desk near the computer and on top of your cell phone while you're sleeping at night.


Most Customers who have purchased these have provided feedback that their dreams became noticably more vivid at night, to the point of experimentation with using the Gem on their phone vs. not. While we do not guarantee the same results for everyone, it's been an extrordinary and exciting outcome we were not anticipating.


Orgone does not have to be large to be effective, and therefore please consider purchasing multiples and maybe even giving these as gifts. 


    Each Hologram Gem is between 1-2 inches wide, 1-2 inches long, and 1 inch tall, depending upon the shape. The Pear Shape is the longest one at 2 inches. The Triangular Gem is the heaviest, has more bulk than the other shapes. 

    We infuse the crystals with healing light, lots of love and joy. Every Gem contains a mixture of metals and alloys that create a peizoelectric effect when they make contact with the quartz and various crystals inside the resin. As the resin solidifies, the shrinking resin places pressure on these substances causing an activation. The resonance of the crystals is amplified by the metal and emits a high vibration. This essentially becomes a noise cancelling device for detrimental, or harmful, frequencies. 


    Most people do not make returns of these. However if you need to just send us an email and we'll work together to make sure you are 100% satisfied. We believe in fairness. Thank you!


    If you are outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, shipping will be added to your purchase for an additional $10.00 in the USA, using USPS. Differences in actual cost to ship and amount paid will be refunded. If the cost to ship is more than $10.00 we will reach out and request that additional shipping amount. We like to keep it real. Most people that have these shipped do not buy just one. 

Multicolor: Colors are Chosen at Purchase

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