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Who Am I?

Updated: May 28, 2019

I am Christina of Cosmic Moonflower and I am here to bring Joy and Illumination to the planet. How do I know? Well, I remember choosing my life before incarnating into form and I reaffirmed knowledge of why I am here and what is my purpose through BQH!!

But that doesn’t mean that life has been easy. I grew up in California with off and on three “fathers”, a lovely, spiritual, yet naively innocent older mom, government cheese and a very tumultuous relationship with my siblings. As the youngest of five, who were either in the house or not, I was undermined, hushed and stifled according to the moods of those “in authority over me.” By the time I was fourteen years old, a move to Indianapolis, Indiana, and a horrible Pentecostal Church of hellfire and brimstone Bible beating through the book of Revelations, I had zero hope for a life and decided to kill myself. I chickened out at the last second and sent out one last cry for help. Thank goodness my parents took action and me into therapy with a psychiatrist who respected my choice of using natural methods to heal.

Unmedicated, I learned about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Self Actualization, hope and how to gather skills for total body, mind, spirit and mental wellness. From that point on, I diligently went into the depths to mine the gold from all my experiences. Reading, studying and meditating like a mofo, good, bad and sometimes ugly, irresponsible or whatever else, I was able to turn ash into glitter.

In my late thirties I had a profound dream about a woman who was brought to me for healing through my hands. With a history of extremely vivid dreams I knew that it was not ordinary and I could not overlook the profound nature of my dreamtime experience. I immediately looked up healing hands upon waking and discovered Reiki. After going to a Reiki healer in West Lafayette, Indiana, I became excited about the prospect of learning how to become certified in Reiki. Learning a bonafide method with spiritual AND scientific qualifiers was the choice for me.

It is my passion to help heal the many who are on the journey of wellness and self realization. Whatever you do to heal is right for you and I simply facilitate an experience for you to expand and amplify your methods, with the help of Reiki, as a teacher of teachers. I help empower you, and you help empower those around you.

“A rising tide raises all boats.”

Because of free will, the choice to receive Reiki is completely in the control of the one receiving it. I cannot push healing life force energies to anyone, as it must be pulled into oneself. However, Reiki can do no harm, since it is the purest energy and frequency of all that is. We are made from it, it is all around us, and within all that has life. Sometimes Reiki is called Chi or Ki or Qis.

If I can help empower you with the services I offer, please contact me for an appointment via email right here, online. Go to the Home page, scroll all the way down and ta-daaaaa! It’s right there.

The light in me sees and reflects the light in you. My Soul honors your Soul for the wisdom and beauty of your innermost being. For you I laugh and cry tears of humility and pure joy for we are connected in the most finite and expansive ways, beyond comprehension and in the purest form of Light and Love. Namaste

Credit: My Personal Light Language Mandala Created and Channeled by Laura Haehl of It’s You, Guru http://www.itsyouguru.com 💜💗💕💙🤗😇🌟🤩✨

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