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Mercy for Another

Recently I read something that basically says this: "People can only see you to the level they have seen themselves." This came to me in the midst of a massive shift and life epiphany.

I am coming through and balancing a major pattern of behavior. I have found, through some deep soul work and introspection, that I experienced feeling unsupported in my endeavors and self-directed achievements from early childhood.

I sought approval, validation and recognition as a talented and happy child. When I did not receive that from the people I looked up to the most, I set on a course to do the following: self-reliance, internal motivation and drive to be completely sufficient, excellent and autonomous.

I took it to an extreme. I came to a point where I no longer knew how to receive and only asked for help if I was certain it would be repaid in-kind or better, quickly. I often steamrolled over offers if I thought I could give myself better, cutting off any possible scenario for me to be at someone's mercy.

Abundance flows best when we have learned balance between giving and receiving through a process of healing and overcoming the ego. It was ego that I strived to "do it all on my lonesome" the exact term I used to describe my younger mindset.

I supported so many relationships that when I stopped doing the work for both of us, they fell away from being in my life. It has been a long and polarizing road to finally see balance and to be able to have the grace to receive the giveaway that anoanother brings into my life.

If a child offers a flower they plucked for you or a compliment it is wise to acknowledge the gift, the giveaway, and the act of acceptance brings harmony and balance. Not a thing too small will tip the scales when the intentions behind the gesture are pure and with love.


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