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Cosmic Moonflower Lions Gateway Update

Namaste Cosmic Family!

Here is just a quick update on what Christina is doing as a Healer flowing with the energies of the moment.

All of Cosmic Moonflower Healing Services have shifted to Remote Sessions due to COVID and the response for these sessions has been excellent. Results are having lasting effects due to the session notes photo and recorded, custom guided meditations, delivered post session.

Christina at Cosmic Moonflower is offering several values based on suggestions from Clients who benefit from this Distance Reiki+ method.

Here is the offering:

The Distance Reiki+ Session is $99, complete with a custom, guided meditation recording you can heal with time and again. Upon Booking, Christina will complete your remote healing session, record a guided meditation, and email the audio file to your inbox. You will also receive a photo of session notes to assist you in Self Analysis.

Distance Reiki+ is highly effective, highly attuned, personal to each individual and unique. Christina Jobe is a certified Traditional Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho method. Combined with her psychic guidance and visionary capabilities, she receives information from your Higher Self and your Divine Entourage in the language of symbolism You will Innerstand. This information is always in support of what you’re asking about, for your highest good in the Light of Truth and Wisdom.

Christina balances and stabilizes your healing energies through the process of Attunement, using the healing frequencies of the celestial Solfeggio delivered in a quantum sacred geometric wave.

For simply Distance Reiki+ Session it is $44. This includes a photo of session notes to assist in your own Self Analysis. This option is great for those who do not require a custom recorded guided meditation.

Once a Distance Reiki+ Session is Complete you may require a phone consultation to discuss your Session Notes. Phone Consultation is $40 for 30 minutes, $60 for an hour.

A Full Package offering is available and includes Distance Reiki+, custom recorded guided meditation audio file, photo of session notes and post session follow-up one-on-one hour phone consultation is $144.


To book your Distance Reiki+ or Phone Consultation, email Christina at CosmicMoonflowerBiz@gmail.com

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