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Brain Balance Geometry

Updated: May 28, 2019

It is general knowledge that the brain is divided into two: left and right. But did you know it’s also front and back? There’s even a mid brain. The brain, as a whole, is simply a resonance receiver and transponder. Much like a radio, the brain receives signals and translates those into things, while it also produces signals (waves) and sends them out!

There are several types of brain waves that we know about: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma (there are a few more but these are the main ones)

The Human heart is the first thing to develop and it also contains Neurons, like those in the brain. The heart and brain communicate signals, like a relay, back and forth. This is why taking deep breaths and centering also helps to clear the mind of mental chatter. First the breath calms the heart rate and then the signal is received by the brain to chill out.

Fun fact: smiling does a similar thing!

Geometry is a mathematical arrangement that has balance, harmonic resonance, frequency and vibration. If we softly gaze while looking at geometry, it can help to arrange balance among the brain waves and brings the mind into coherence. (A science word that is good to know)

Practice looking at this Geometry I created and see if it shifts and changes over a few moments. Allow your eyes to shift around as your focus changes. Then, breathe deeply and drop your awareness in your heart and then back up to your brain, then to your heart again.

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