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BQH Hypnosis as a Business Plan?!

I am so grateful for my clients! Thank you for sharing your time and trusting me with each and every one of your journeys!

During a recent BQH, a longtime Reiki client decided to try BQH hypnosis. We took two weeks to prepare our hearts and minds. Hypnosis is methodical and intentional. One does not rush into a session.

During that time, they wrote a list of questions, mostly about work and family related matters, and we reviewed everything, carefully, together. After our discussion we began diving in, a time to align our hearts and their intention for the session, with thoughtful words and affirmation. From there, my client relaxed and followed my voice into a sacred space created through induction, for the most benevolent and highest good in their life.

My client was in an aware but dreamlike state where information was readily accessible. But before the questions, I requested that they journey to a place and time that is key to their experiences. At first they were on the beach as a child, then in the woods as an adult. But that version, as an adult, is from the future and had much to advise on the work that my client is doing. Suggesting practical things to apply now to their professional work.

So, you see, BQH is not about close encounters of the third kind, necessarily. It’s not about rehashing past lives, though both of these are completely possible. BQH hypnosis is about setting aside the part of your thinking brain that interrupts direct access of knowledge from your expanded, unlimited Self. BQH allows you to talk out your inner knowledge and we make a recording. Most people use hypnosis as part of a healing plan AND a business plan.

If you’re thinking about it, my best advice is to begin by writing down questions. What questions come up? I think you’re going to be intrigued by what you would ask, if you know you will find answers from your own Self in hypnosis. Once you get your list going, feel your heart tell you when it’s time to book an appointment.

I offer BQH at $144 and it’s a two for one, because let’s be honest, your first session may make you nervous and the second session is a chance to refine your experience, like a Mulligan!! Why not?! Most people get a great first session, but I like having regular clients, so this helps me get to see you again and build relationships.

Looking forward to seeing you on my cozy BQH couch soon!

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