How are you feeling? Are you looking for a boost to up-level your life, your work, your relationships? Do you want help building momentum while you're manifesting a break through or managing a break-up? 
Reiki + is here to support and empower your own Healer Within. It's like an energetic jump start for moving onward and upward! I offer tailored energy work through focused intention by channeling pure universal life force. Reiki has evolved to become the Interdivergent Healing Method. I offer this from a place of my own growing awareness and understanding of Quantum Physics, sound, frequency, vibration, geometry, color, anatomy and the Divine organization of everything that exists.
During your session you can anticipate restored balance to your mind, body, spirit and soul. 
We begin with conversation, followed by guided relaxation, breath work and tuning forks. Reiki and energy balancing, followed by additional guidance and fine tuning addresses your specific concerns.
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