Christina Jobe, BQH, Reiki Master

As a professional BQH Hypnotist and Reiki Master, I work diligently to clear and heal myself through a multitude of methods. Doing my work helps me help you do your work. Whenever I have reached out for self healing help, the practitioners who empowered me were the ones who made the greatest impact, and I take great pride in offering the same to my clients. Empowerment is what I offer alongside a boost in momentum that I offer as an assist. 
I haven't always been a Quantum Healer. I achieved in several corporate roles including Investment Banking; However, living a pretty standard life on the surface was never the full picture as I have been deep diving into self-actualizing, mindfulness practices since I was fourteen years old. Fresh off of a deep, suicidal depression, I went into therapy where I learned about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I have been on the journey ever since and as my practices have deepened, I have found myself, at forty years old, in a current state of Walking Meditation. This is a level of peace and balance, bliss and unity that we all have a chance to achieve.
The methods I offer, Reiki +, Interdivergent Healing, BQH Hypnosis and the topical remedies all work together on palpable yet subtle energetic and spiritual levels to bring harmony into your life. All work is done in the highest good of all involved, including the removal of discordant energies. Together we release all that no longer serves the highest good, returning it in love and light back to Source. 
If you want to read more about me, check out my Blog post titled, "Who am I? What is the Doing of Things?" Namaste.


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